Graeme McFadyen | Leading NZ Education Consultant | About Me
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About Me


Graeme McFadyen

NZ Education Consultant

Hi I’m Graeme,


I’ve had over 25 year experience in Senior School Leadership culminating in a very successful Principalship at Spotswood College, New Plymouth.


I spent 3 years as an Educational consultant with Cognition Education in Qatar and UAE. I was a Lead Advisor with extensive experience in leading school improvement projects – placing an emphasis on developing Teacher capability and Principal mentoring.


As a Student Achievement Function Facilitator with the Ministry of Education since 2012, I worked alongside many Principals, Boards and Teachers and applied a variety of effective strategies to raise student achievement. This role also involved reviewing school systems and processes, while leading change management.


I have an in-depth knowledge of schooling improvement, Principal Appraisal, Principal Mentoring, working with Boards in Strategic Planning and Charter Development and with school staff, enhancing 21st century teaching and learning.


I have had wide experience in school profiling and marketing, and particular skills in facilitating staff PLD workshops.

Discover together what we can achieve for your school. Contact me now.